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Stop, reading superhero comics if you’re bothered by sexism. Just, stop. Whenever I hear these arguments it’s so exhausting!

Listen, the whole practice of you reading these comics and getting angry is akin to whacking yourself in the hand with a hammer and then screaming that it hurts.

No one is forcing you to read these comics.

I know it’s not as simple as just not reading comics anymore. But if you’re offended by the portrayal of women (or men for that matter) in these comics, the best recourse is ignore them. Don’t buy them. Don’t read them. Stop supporting them.

Sexism in comics is a thing. If anyone is saying that there’s not, you should bludgeon them. It’s not a secret.

I mean, comics have ALWAYS been this way. There was never a time when comics weren’t like this. I don’t know how you got into comics and weren’t offended from your very first issue.

However, if you were and continued to read, you must be some kind of a sadist.

Some comics have long stints of little to no sexism occurring, sure. But almost immediately every character is in skin tight spandex that show off every crease, curve and bulge of their bodies. Power Girl, Mary Jane Watson, Emma Frost, and Catwoman have literally been portrayed the exact same way they were portrayed since their first appearances. As sexxed up cheesecake pinup queens. So these controversies about Power Girl’s cleavage hole, Mary Jane’s statue, Emma Frost’s portrayal in Astonishing X-Men: Xenogenesis and various DC heroins in and before DC’s New 52 revamp are just absurd.

I have very little sympathy for you if you were blindsided by this.

Starfire is the only character I can kind of understand your anger towards. She wasn’t really depicted pre-New-52 as she is in Red Hood and the Outlaws. But that doesn’t mean I’m angry at her new portrayal in Red Hood and the Outlaws. I don’t see anything wrong with they way they depict her. My issue with it is that she was never portrayed that way before.

From the early days of cheesecake pinup with the Blonde Phantom and Torchy to how women were treated in Superman comics in the thirties. Every era of comics has sexism portrayed. 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and the 00’s! This is what superhero comics is all about. For sure it’s always been about the message. Truth, justice and avenging the wrong…but, it’s also been about T&A or whatever the girl version of T&A is for men.

If you’re a woman and your argument is that “well I like superhero comics, I don’t want to stop reading them.” There are plenty of other comics to read, by a wide variety of publishers, and a lot of them are even superhero comics.

Angel & Faith, Princeless, Rachael Rising, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, iZ0mbie and Invincible.
All superhero books, but, without or less of the sexism.

If you have a problem with sexism in comics, support the books that do it right. Stop calling attention to all the offensive material, because seriously? You’re actually just helping it create a wider audience. So, stop.

(I needed any excuse to post this video. LOVE this song.)

Lets take me for instance. I get really angry when people make light and jokes about vegetarianism and vegans. And for sure, I’m guilty as hell for blowing up and getting angry. I mean after all, animals are being tortured and killed all around us and it seems like the general public doesn’t give a fuck. Of course it’s upsetting. But ultimately, people want to emulate happy and healthy people. And if I blow up on people and get preachy about their diet and profess why I think they’re wrong, it’s only going to turn people away more. The best way to get people to emulate you and your life and your ethics and to adopt your opinions is through happiness. Nothing drives people crazier or changes people than seeing someone else have a good fucking life.

All this press and endless number of blog posts talking about these controversies only serves DC better. It’s just going to increase sales. And DC is going to interpret that as, well, “we must be doing something right! Our sales are up!” They’re a company. Their first and foremost motivation in this is to make money.

Take me again for example. I’m against this New 52 DC is doing because of many reasons. None of which is because of sexism. In fact, all the recent sexism makes me WANT to buy these new comics. But that’s because I love things that ooze sex and sexploitation. That’s one of the reasons I read comics!

But, I’m so against this New 52 business that I’ve stopped buying and reading any new DC comic books.

Will this hurt DC’s ultimate sales? Maybe. Probably not. Their sales are up. The proof is there. They’ve accomplished exactly what they’ve set out to do. But I am taking a stand against something I believe to be wrong. And if you do too, you’ll do yourself a favor and stop buying these books that offend you so. So what if in the end it doesn’t have a giant impact in the grand total sales comics are raking in. It’s about believing in something. It’s fighting for what you think is right. That’s all that matters.

If you keep buying comics you’re against, you’ll keep getting the same comics you’re against. It’s simple as that.

But we all know you won’t give them up:

Holden: This is a site populated by militant movie buffs. Sad, pathetic little bastards living in their parents basement, downloading scripts and what they think is inside information about movies and actors they claim to despise, yet can’t stop discussing.

Just like me, I’m offended that people are offended about sexism in comics. And honestly the best recourse should probably be to ignore the offended and not write shit in my blog.
But anger is just much more fun to read isn’t it?

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  1. To quote the late great Notorious B.I.G.: “Ya dead wrong!”

    Sexism is abhorrent and unacceptable wherever it’s found, and excuse-making and victim-blaming are never the solution. Let’s repurpose your own words to illustrate why. You wrote:

    “I mean, comics have ALWAYS been this way. There was never a time when comics weren’t like this.”

    Just read that sentence, but replace “comics” with “workplaces,” or “schools,” or “bars,” or “public restrooms,” or any other institution. Are you comfortable defending segregation? If not, you should abandon that argument.

    If people complaining about the portrayal of women in superhero comics is annoying to you, imagine how annoyed a female comic book reader must feel to see women in comics continually objectified in the books she otherwise loves. Imagine how annoyed she must feel to hear to hear a privileged member of the boys’ club tell her that if she has a problem with her favorite books trafficking in outmoded notions of sexuality and gender roles, she should just get lost. Imagine if someone told you that you should stop reading superhero comics.

    Here’s a handy primer on the idea of rape culture. While it doesn’t specifically address the backwards treatment of sexuality in comic books, it does get to the heart of the atmosphere in which that treatment exists.

  2. I see you’ve edited the post but censored my comment…gotta say, don’t love that.

  3. Kelly, I appreciate the comment(s). I didn’t censor your first comment, I deleted it. I just figured after editing the post (like you suggested), the comment would make no sense. It wasn’t malicious or a way to discredit you or anything negative. In fact I appreciate it very much that you wrote at all! Hopefully this clears up any confusion. Be well <3

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