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The unbalanced intrinsic rights of children with leukemia and lab rats


I‘m sure I’ll get around to reviewing Animal Man someday. But until then I have to post some particularly poignant comic panels I found on one of my favorite sites: Comics should be good.

In the late 1980s, one of my favorite writers, Grant Morrison wrote the first 26 issues of an Animal Man comic book. Animal Man, (aka Buddy Baker), is a superhero in the DC Comics Universe. He has the ability to temporarily “borrow” the abilities of animals (such as a bird’s flight or the proportionate strength of an ant). Morrison made Animal Man stand out from being just another superhero living in a universe populated by superheroes, aliens, and fantastic technology. Morrison’s run on the series championed vegetarianism and animal rights, causes Morrison himself supported.

In a very meta-Inception-like way, Grant Morrison wrote himself into his own comic book and said some amazing things to Animal Man that make me love him even more:

Grant-fucking-Morrison! <3 Thank god somebody else out there feels exactly how I do. Thank you DC for letting him say it and thank you Morrison for having the balls to say it!

Truer words have never been said.

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