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Am I weird because I don’t feel the same way on most of these? I’m 30. Shouldn’t I be feeling most of these things?

Life In Your Early Twenties Vs. Your Late Twenties

If you grew up mostly after Y2K, these will be your Legends of the Hidden Temple and Dunkaroos.

I spend a lot of time thinking about this. This whole blog is dedicated primarily to things that tug on my nostalgic heart strings, and I often wonder what my little cousins who were born in the aughties or who were born in the late nineties will find nostalgic.

There will be some things from this list I’ll be nostalgic about, like, updating my Myspace page, SpongeBob Square Pants and gel bracelets because they were around while I was still young and in college and what not. But, mostly everything else on this list I was never into.

Stepping back and watching yourself age by looking at things from your past is a feeling weird man. You think everything you love is going to be revered for ages to come and really, mostly, it only holds sentimental attachment to you.

Things 2000s Kids Will Be Nostalgic About

“We watch it because we like these people and we miss them when they don’t show up. They become part of the stories we tell ourselves. They spend their time having trivial conversations, sitting in an ugly room around an ugly table. Why do they stay? Because the table is magic. Isn’t that what TV is – the ugly magic table that we keep returning to for the same reasons?”

“Nobody knows how much longer Community will last, or where it will go from here. But I doubt I’ll ever forget my Dinner with Andre dinner with Abed.”


‘Community”s ‘Critical Film Studies’: Celebrating Two Years of the 21st Century’s Greatest TV Episode

Y’know, this isn’t such a bad plot device for why no one knows Superman’s identity. No, seriously. I feel like this could actually work.

Texts From Lex

This is old news at this point. But, I still wanted to share. The ignorance is palpable. Wow, just wow.

Blame the Muslims / Arabs / Anyone who looks or sounds Middle Eastern because we are uneducated dimwits.

This is a truly wonderful article. You should read the whole thing but the truly epic cum shot is this:

“If people who grow up with pets and animals in their lives have a different experience of the world, superheroes who do so are bound to have a less lonely view of their reality. It is no wonder that heroes like Daredevil or Spider-Man who grew up in their concrete jungles have a more desperate, fraught quality to their characters. It is a simple enough thing, but from a super hero standpoint, having an animal to unquestionably bond with would be a huge boon to their sanity and I’m glad that Superman, in every incarnation, never seems to lose his childhood dog.”

Committed: The Importance of Krypto

“I will fucking cunt punt the next person I hear about doing something like that, and I don’t give a fuck if you SOR me, I WILL FUCKING ASSAULT YOU.”

Cunt. Punt. I cannot believe I never thought to put these two words together. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed harder than I did when I read that sentence.

The Most Deranged Sorority Girl Email You Will Ever Read

Websites Stuck in the 90’s.

The Official website for the movie Mallrats

hahaha So funny.

TDS | TCR 2013.04.22

Zenpencils does it again.

VINCENT VAN GOGH: In spite of everything

Remember when floppy disks could take over the world?


The only reason I’m posting this is because I’ve been writing about my past history and the different dance nights I used to love going to. Nights like: Start, Next, Love Life, Lush Life, Paper and a few others. I was hoping I’d be able to find a bunch of photos or flyers from those old nights but I haven’t run across anything. It’s hard to Google ‘Start Boston club night Axis Avalon’ and actually get something. I was able to find an old Lush Life flyer on this dudes website. I think I might try and reach out to him to see if he knows of any good dance nights in Boson anymore. God knows I haven’t been super impressed with the scene in a while.

It’s [Always] Time To Party / Lexaunculpt

“In this column, Mark Ginocchio (from Chasing Amazing) takes a look at the gimmick covers from the 1990s and gives his take on whether the comic in question was just a gimmick or whether the comic within the gimmick cover was good. Hence “Gimmick or Good?” We continue with 1995′s die-cut embossed “tombstone” cover of Amazing Spider-Man #400.”

Normally, when the subject of 90’s superhero comics comes up, most people scoff and talk about how awful 90’s superhero comics were, but I disagree almost always. And when one of my favorite blogs, Comics should be good! reviewed possibly my favorite single comic book of all time, Amazing Spider-Man # 400, I got heart palpitations over whether or not it was going to get skewered. But, the review was actually very favorable and wonderful. Check it out.

Gimmick or Good? – Amazing Spider-Man #400

Where was this post when I wrote this?

5 Things No One Can Teach You About Being Funny


Fun switcher

This was tough for me. I kept reading to see what they were going to post next, because I both loved Comics Alliance and loved to hate it. Mostly though, their fem-nazi opinions got old really quick. Good riddance to seriously bad rubbish.

AOL shuts down Comics Alliance because they are jerkfaces

Attn: Everyone. This is what your advertisements should look and sound like.

OREO Wonderfilled Anthem

“A millionaire does not have the standing to tell regular people that money is overrated. Graham Hill moved into a smaller apartment and sold some of his stuff. But he sure as fuck didn’t empty his bank accounts. It’s easy not to have material things when you can just buy whatever you need, whenever you need it. ” My space is small. My life is big,” writes Hill. Of course it is! You can buy anything and go anywhere at any time, thanks to your vast wealth! The fact that a millionaire’s “life is big” offers little valuable wisdom to the common person. The presumptuousness is akin to a fat food critic walking out of a restaurant after a huge meal and telling a starving beggar on the curb, “Trust me—you don’t want to eat at this place.”

Money doesn’t matter at all, as long as you have too much of it.”


This is possibly the most amazing article I’ve come across in many moons. Wow.

I’d even go further and say something to the effect, that people who are typically happier people and who’ve had certain things handed things to them like opportunities, experience, etc do not get to lecture people who haven’t had those things and find those things difficult to come by do not get to lecture us or advise on what we’re doing wrong and why their way of life is better or smarter than theirs.

It Would Be Great if Millionaires Would Not Lecture Us on ‘Living With Less’

I don’t know why I find this fascinating but I do. I guess the very idea that bees figured this out and just know how to do this when they’re born is mind boggling.

The Honeycomb Conjecture

I kind of wanted to highlight this a little more and give it a lot more spotlight than just throwing it into a link dump post. But I’m not sure if I have much more to say, other than, Happy Birthday WordPress!

The thing that’s made this whole blog possible is WordPress. The thing that currently powers this site is WordPress. I am forever in their debt for making such a robust, powerful and wonderful tool for free. I use this software(?) for nearly every site I work on these days. Whether it be,,, or!

Thank you WordPress! <3

The Next 10 Starts Now

Speaking of WordPress and relics. One of my first posts ever was about abandoned modern relics. And I still can’t get enough of them!

There’s nothing sadder than the wreck of a once-great submarine

I’m mostly linking to this for #2, however, the rest of the list is pretty good too.

4 ‘Victims’ We Have to Stop Feeling Sorry For

I didn’t want to write about her anymore, but I just can’t help it. I had noticed that my ex-girlfriend was writing about some troubles she was having on Twitter and on her Tumblr so I reached out to her and sent her a message asking if she was okay and if would like to talk and if I could help in anyway. I was just being nice, we do, after all, have history together. Albeit history dating back 6 years ago. But history nonetheless. Of course, I would like to get back together with her, but I certainly wouldn’t expect that. My time with her is over. I just wanted to make sure she was okay. I never heard back from her. Shortly after I sent the message I went on Twitter only to see this:

“Today I thought for a second it’d be nice to have a boyfriend during hard times. Then I thought about how awful men are and I was like NOPE”

I think one of the worst things to hear in modern society is when you offer your help to people and they don’t listen or decline your help and then they piss and moan that no one is helping them or that no one is nice to them or no one listens or that no one would be a good boyfriend.

A helpful site, or the helpful site?

Does the dog die?

Possibly the greatest invention of mankind.

“Mankind. That word should have new meaning for all of us today.”

Chef panini spatula

Simpsons Now is not the Rhyme did it.

While discussing MAN OF STEEL…

“How businesses are finding the financial benefits of better work enviroments and using happiness as a powerful business tool.”

It’s amazing to me that businesses and this working society are run the way they are, given these facts.

And people wonder why I often lean towards anarchist ideals. How could you not lean that way?

Employee Happiness as a Business Tool

This was very sweet.

Diner Pays Tribute to Actor James Gandolfini

I have such an odd crush on Denise Huxtable. Crazy fashion and all! (Come to think of it, I think her crazy fashion is one of the appeals).

23 Looks That Only Denise Huxtable Can Pull Off

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